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Like many other people, your house may be your most valuable possession. Of course, you want to know the monetary value of this possession, especially when you are involved with estate planning. Because of this, it is wise to rely on an experienced estate appraiser in Hyattsville, MD.


Kitzmiller Appraisals is a family-owned business that has a licensed and certified appraiser at the helm. Susan Harrison Kitzmiller has extensive and impressive credentials that build trust in her skills and experience. She holds memberships in professional organizations and has completed extensive coursework in the field, including courses at the Smithsonian Institution. In addition, she is qualified to handle appraisals for probate court in Maryland and Washington, DC.

Choosing an Appraiser

Courts and businesses do not accept appraisals from just anyone. That person must be qualified to do such work. This is the first thing you look for in an appraiser. Then, look at their memberships, schooling, and certifications. After all, you are placing a great deal of trust in the hands of someone you employ for appraising an estate, to prepare an appraisal for court, or to present to a lawyer who is handling the estate planning.


Estate planning can get contentious, especially if there are relatives who are contesting a will. You want to make sure the appraisal you have in hand is one that accurately represents the true value of the property that is to be inherited. With an accurate appraisal from a trusted professional, there are fewer matters to dispute, and that results in less time in court.


Another court where you see the importance of professional appraisals is divorce court. Before the joint property can be divided, it must be valued. This is not a time when you want the appraisal services to be in question. This is why it is essential to have someone who has recognized credentials and qualifications to do the work for you. Call Kitzmiller Appraisals for help from professionals who have earned the trust of those who have been involved in estate planning and the courts.

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